Tuesday, March 31, 2009

18 weeks

Here are a couple of pictures of me at 18 weeks along in my pregnancy. The first is when I was pregnant with the triplets and the second is now with just one. Can you see the difference? I sure can feel it!

Monday, March 30, 2009


I don't know if it's a "nesting" thing or I'm just tired of the disorganization, but I've been on an organizing kick lately. I explained to Dave that it's almost like a craving. I have to get it done and I have to do it now! Thank goodness tax return is coming so we can finish shelves in our bathroom and in Connor's closet. Here's what we've been up to.

Dave built these lovely shelves in my closet under the stairs and above my washer and dryer. He also lowered the wire one. I'm short. I couldn't reach the laundry soap without climbing on the washer. I have much more room for food storage and dish storage. Love it.

Aspen and I did this on Saturday. We bought this shelf with buckets, put it together, and organized it all by ourselves! Dave and the other kids were hiking. The best thing about this, is that it makes it easier for the girls to clean their room. They know where everything goes!

Birthday Parties

We decided to have 2 parties this year. One for the girls and one for Connor. It turned out great. They got to invite their friends and had a great time.

The girls had a princess party that was all girly. Everyone came dressed as princesses, we made tiaras, colored posters of princesses, played "pin Cinderella in her castle window", opened presents, and had cupcakes and ice cream. Dave ended up having to work that day so thankfully Beckee stayed to help out. The girls had a grand time.

Connor had a Mickey Mouse party. He really had a hard time deciding which boy party to do. Pirates, Thomas, Star Wars, or Mickey. In the end, Mickey won out. We had Mickey ears for all the boys, coloring pages, played Disney Bingo and Mickey Snap where the boys won Mickey Mouse puzzles, opened presents, frosted and ate cupcakes with ice cream, and of course, they played with the balloons. It was such a good boy party.
And finally, we had a small party on their actual birthday. I made them waffles with strawberries and whip cream for breakfast and their favorite dinner, spaghetti and breadsticks. We then opened presents and had cake and ice cream. It was so fun. Two more parties to go. One with my family and one with Dave's!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Triplets Are 5?

I really can't believe that 2 days ago my triplets turned 5! It has been a long, hard road. But it has also been the most rewarding and joyful 5 years of my life. I love my kids so much and wouldn't trade their beautiful smiling faces, their sweet little voices, and their contagious laughs for anything in the world! I feel so blessed to be their mom and to have had the opportunity (and still have the opportunity) of raising triplets! Happy Birthday babies!

Dance Recital!

The girls were so excited to have their first dance recital last week. They were excited to wear make-up too. They did a dance to "Be Our Guest" which was so cute. I was so excited that both girls did the dance and they didn't get shy. Not only does Aspen watch Brooke for the moves, but a lot of the other girls did too. I think we have a couple of dancers on our hands. The girls also did the Chicken Dance and the Macarena. They were adorable. I am one proud Momma!

Bath Time!

When should I stop letting my kids take a bath together? They love it! They have so much fun and it is much easier for me and Dave to just get it over with all at once. I'm thinking when kindergarten starts, the girls will bathe together and Connor will have his own bath. There's not much room left in that tub with all three. They're just so stinking cute together!

Partying with the Hupps!

Two Fridays ago we had dinner at the Hupp's house and then we rocked out on the Wii! It was great fun and everyone was into it. Check out those rocker faces. The kids finally started crashing out a little after 11:00pm! Which was pretty good since their bedtime is 8:00 pm! We can't wait to party again Hupps! Anytime!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Two Mondays ago, the Bennetts were over for FHE. As we were playing a game of bowling on the Wii, the doorbell rang. We opened it to find this:

Then we discovered who left it! Thanks Chipmans and Hacketts. Together with the Bennetts, we added our own touches to the freezer and left it on another doorstep. I wonder who has it now, and what new great things have been added!
(Can you tell which girl on the front is Brooke? The other is our neighbor Sydney. They look so much alike. If they are not facing me, I don't know which is my daughter!)

What a fun crazy neighborhood we live in!

My Little Dancers!

I was so excited to put the girls in dance this year. I could hardly wait to see them in their little dance costumes and performing on stage. So, imagine my delight when the girls came home today carrying their costumes! We had to try them on as soon as preschool was over. Look how cute both the costume and the girls are. And to top it off, they have a "dance preview" on Tuesday! I can't wait to see them dance!
I took two pictures before this where Brooke's eyes were shut. I told her to keep them open this time and boy did she ever. She kept them as wide as she could!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Blushing Buttercream Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Blushing Buttercream Pettiskirt GIVEAWAY!!!!

Check out this site. Even if you don't win, there are directions for making one!

Guitar Hero World Tour

We had our great friends and ex-neighbors the Monfredis over to play Guitar Hero last Saturday. It was so fun to see them again. The best part of the night though was hearing Paxton sing. He had a ball!

My Little Beggers!

One Sunday, we wanted to make cookies, but I was out of Crisco. So I thought I would just ask my neighbor. Then I got this idea: Send the kids over to get it.
(Look at Aspen's peace sign. Ha ha!)

So, we had them practice standing in a line so they would get it right. Then we sent them down to the Bennett's house and we stayed in our yard watching. Chad opened the door and laughed, then read aloud what it said. He invited the kids in. Then we hear Tammy reading it and then bust out laughing. It was so funny! My kids are good sports. We did make cookies and we did take some to share with the Bennetts. Thanks again for not sending my poor little beggers away empty handed! They were so proud to come home with Crisco. Brooke yelled as she got closer to me, "We got it! We got it!"

Funny Kids

I came downstairs the other morning to find this:

I asked them if they were pregnant like mommy and Connor said, "No. We're just fat!"
They crack me up!

Baby Asa

My third new nephew was born on Feb. 20. He is Asa Berkeley Ward. He is my little sister Annie and her husband Berkeley's first baby. He is such a little doll. He looks just like Annie too! I got to spend the night with them this week and help out with Asa. I loved it! He is such a sweet little boy.

Congrats Annie and Berkeley! Welcome to the family Asa!

Boy Time

A couple weeks ago, the girls were invited over to Londyn's house to play so Connor invited Porter to come and play at our house. They had such a great time playing trains and cars. It was so fun for me to hear them laughing and playing. NO FIGHTING! That always happens when Connor is playing with his sisters. I've decided that I need to do this for Connor more often. Let him have boy time with his friends!

Three Becomes FOUR!