Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What did you think?

Saw it. Loved it. I loved the acting, the cg, the story line (followed the book fabulously), the new actors (Voluturi), the new directing, and of course the love story. It was just great. MUCH better than the first. Go see it. Tell me what you thought of it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Disney On Ice

Two Saturdays we went with the Hupps to go see Disney on Ice. It was kind of a reward for the triplets for being so good the last couple months with Owen. We were on the 5th row and it was awesome! The kids loved it so much and now pretend to not only be princesses and Mickey but to ice skate too! It got me really excited to go to Disneyland in March!

Because we were on the 5th row, it was too cold to unbundle little Owen. We all kept on our coats in fact. And I only took one picture of Tinker Bell at the beginning of the show. I decided I wanted to enjoy it rather than watch it through the camera lens. It was worth it.

I haven't posted much about the triplets lately, but they are doing so good. I never mentioned before that Brooke and Connor played soccer in the fall. Brooke is a pretty good little player and loved it. Connor is still a little shy, and even though he loves playing soccer with Dave, he hated playing with the other kids. He cried pretty much every game. So he didn't even go to his last 4 games. Poor kid. Maybe next year. Aspen was perfectly content to sit back and cheer them on.
Also the kids are doing really great in school. They love it! They all tell me it is the best part of their day. (I must say that I enjoy it a lot too!:) They are all reading and learning so much! I still can't believe they are in school though. Time goes by too fast.

Friday, November 20, 2009

2 Months Old

Owen is 2 months old already. I can hardly believe it! Where does the time go? He had his appointment this week and here are his stats. He weighs in at a hefty 11lbs. 14 oz. and he is 22 3/4 inches long. Again, it is so weird to have a baby be the weight and height they are supposed to be. He is also smiling so much now. It makes all of our days to see him smile at us and show us how happy and content he is. We love it! He is also jabbering up a storm. The kids just laugh at him when he does it. We bought him a Bumbo and I think he is so cute sitting in it, although he doesn't always like it. He HATES riding in the car and lately his bath! Weird I know! Here are a few pictures of our cutie pie.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleep in Heavenly Peace!

Last week Owen surprised us with three nights of a 6 hour sleeping block and one 8 hour! Yes, I said 8! We thought that was just a fluke because of a few rough tiring nights that followed. Well, two nights ago, Owen again slept 8 hours and last night he slept for 9! From 9:30-6:30! It was awesome!

This is where Owen sleeps during the day. He refuses to sleep in his bed during the day! Unfortunately, he sleeps really crappy during the day. No nap more than an hour and that is rare! Usually it's between 15 and 45 minutes. Which is probably the reason for the great sleeping at night. So, which would I rather have. A good night's sleep or time during the day to actually get things done? If you come to my house in the next week or so, you'll see that I (or should I say Owen) prefer the night's sleep. My house is a wreck!

Owen's Blessing

On Sunday, November 1, we blessed our dear, sweet baby Owen in church. He is just the sweetest little thing. We all adore him. Especially the smiles he's giving to us all now. Owen was named after my Grandpa McAdams who was a sailor in the navy. Along with his name, Owen's little blessing outfit is also in honor of his great grandpa. My grandpa was a great man and I know that Owen will live up to his namesake. Owen also shares a birthday with his Great Grandma Chapple. She was a wonderful grandma for Dave and I adored her too.

We love you Owen! You are a special little boy and we are so happy and blessed to have you in our family!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Time

We have celebrated Halloween this year more than any other. We have had parties and trick or treating like crazy! I think I've put the triplets in their outfits a total of 4 times! Crazy! But the kids have had so much fun and Connor even asked me this morning when it will be Halloween again!

First we had trunk or treating and a chili cook off.

If you can't tell, Connor is Mickey Mouse and the girls are Minnie.

Next, the kids had their party and parade at school.

The kids teacher must have told them to wave at everyone watching the parade because as Aspen came around the corner, she was waving like crazy! Sweet girl.

Next was the Halloween party at Omniture. It was really good this year. Not very long lines and the crowd control was better. We had a fun time. Our favorite area was Peter Pan. The kids loved it. There was even a swing/zipline for the kids at the end. Brooke was the only one brave enough to go on it. There was also a Vegas and a Flintstones area. The kids walked away with lots of candy again.

Finally we carved pumpkins and went trick or treating on Halloween. The spider sandwiches are what we had for our Halloween dinner! Isn't Owen just the cutest pumpkin ever? He was so good at all the fun Halloween events.