Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Dress!

Don't you just LOVE the dress that Aspen has on? I do. It was mine when I was a little girl. I actually wore that dress in 3rd Grade! Yes, I was so tiny! The dress is still a little big on the girls, but they love to wear it. And they look adorable in it! Next time I get up to my mom's, I'll find a picture of me in it to post. I wore that dress everywhere! My favorite part about it was that it had little bells sewn into the underskirt. I jingled everywhere I went too. One bell is still there but it doesn't jingle.

Thanks so much mom for thinking to save this dress for me all these years. I'm so happy I still have it and that my daughters are wearing it.

Valentine's Party

Oh the kids love Valentines parties. It's so fun to give your friends cards and candy. And it's also fun to get them in return. The kids had a great time at both the preschool parties. All of them did! Thanks Tammy for helping both days!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I awoke to more snow this morning! Not a lot, but enough to cover all the grass that I have recently been able to see again! I don't like it. Sick of it. On a good note though.....
Shopko is putting out all their spring things! Like patio furniture, gardening tools, fountains, wind chimes, soil, all the good stuff. Spring is just around the corner. I hope my sanity can hold on until then.

Too many toys!

I know the kids have too many toys when it takes them 5 hours to clean their room. Or does that mean they're just lazy. Probably both. Anyway, I am tired of going into the girls room and walking all over dress up clothes, princess clothes and accessories, princess dolls, jewelry, baby stuff, preschool stuff, purses, pom-poms, etc. The list goes on. Connor's room never gets that bad. Just cars and train stuff. Well, I've finally decided to take away many of the girls' toys. They can earn them back by cleaning up the toys that they do have. We have made charts to put stickers on and I've established rules on how they can earn those stickers.

Does this sound like a good method for teaching my kids to clean their rooms?