Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cutie Patootie Owen

Wow! In the last month or so, little Ownen has learned SO MUCH! He crawls everywhere, including up the stairs! He eats food all by himself. In fact he likes to feed himself so much that he won't let us spoon feed him. With no teeth, this limits his food intake a bit. He also needs a bath after every meal! He pulls himself to stand and has even started moving along the edge of the tub and couches. He will be walking very soon! He is such a precious little thing and we love him so much. We are so happy to have him in our family!

Working with Daddy.

Easter 2010

Easter preparations looked like this:

Connor slept in these bunny ears every night a week before Easter.

We had an Easter egg hunt and told the Easter story from the scriptures for FHE. The pictures from the Easter story were in some of the eggs. After the egg hunt, we put the story together and the kids got to eat their candy. It was a fun way to remember Jesus.

We had the annual Grant egg hunt and egg roll. Maddy was the winner of the raw egg award!

Aspen was on someone's shoulders the entire time because there was a cat outside! Silly girl.
On Sunday, we read the Easter story again and then the kids found their baskets. We ate Easter dinner with the Grants too. My mom ended up being really sick. Bummer! It was a fun weekend for us though. We love Easter!

Triplets Birthday

The triplets turned 6 on March 22. We celebrated their birthday at Disneyland and gave them birthday money to spend there. On their actual birthday we went to Pirate Island. IT was fun but don't ever buy the pizza! Yuck! Then we had cake and ice cream at home with our friends.
We also had a small party with the grandparents. It was nice not to have to plan a ton of parties! I also only got one picture from the various events. I used my video camera instead! Oh well.
I just can't believe that my precious triplets are 6! It feels like just yesterday my 2 pound babies were born! The first year is just a blur, but I loved being a mom and having these three babies to care for. They have brought so much joy into our lives! We love you Aspen, Connor, and Brooke! Love, Mom and Dad

Catch up

I will be posting catch up pictures over the next couple days. Are you ready for a Grant overload?