Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Disneyland Surprise!

Yep. We went to Disneyland again this year! We decided to do it because we were sick the last time, there was a great deal going on, and Dave got a raise. And because I can sweet talk Dave into anything. :) We went with the Hupps again which made it even more fun. The fun thing was that the triplets had no idea we were going until we were in the car heading out. And they didn't know the Hupps were going to be there until we saw them at the hotel! Great surprises for them. We spent a whole week there and had a great time.

Owen's 1!

Owen turned the big number 1 on September 11. We were going to have a big party for him, but I ended up being sick all week and even going to the hospital so we cancelled it. We had a little one though with a few friends. He got to open some presents and eat cake and that is the best part anyway. He was in the 45th percentile for height but less than the third for weight. He only gained about a pound between his 9 month and 12 month appointments. Bu we took him back today for a 15 month check up and he is 20 pounds now. He is finally taking a cup of milk. It was really hard to wean him. And so sad too. My heart broke every time he cried to nurse. He runs now and is even saying some words. He says "momma", "go", "no", "dada" (occasionally), "nana" (banana), and "Wow". He says wow when he sees the Christmas lights! It's adorable. He also pushes us, pulls us, and points to show us what he wants. He copies his big sisters and brother so much. The other day Aspen stomped her foot, and now Owen does it. He seriously does everything they do. He is such a cutie. Oh, and he likes to hit his siblings too. And scratch them. Poor triplets. He's made them cry more than once. In spite of that, we all still love and adore him. He is so fun.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dressing up Dad!

Our silly kids pulled out the works dressing up Dave. He was bathing Owen and came out of the bathroom looking like this. He is so patient and such a wonderful Dad.

Triplets first day of 1st grade!

Well, it's official! My kids are growing up! All day school! They are all in different classes this year and I think it is really good for them. They are making new friends and having fun in separate classes, but they still play together at recesses. It's great. I cried a lot the first day and kept watching the clock, but now, I absolutely love the time to get some stuff done!
Here are my cuties on their first day of school!

Owen's First Haircut

Talk about making a Momma cry! My sweet little boy looked like a girl and he needed a haircut so bad! So, I broke down and did it. And he hated every second of it! He wanted to keep his hair too! But he sure looked cute with short hair. Kind of like a little Connor!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Grant Family Camping

The first week of August we went camping with the Grant family. I was there this year with Owen, no one got a fish hook in their eye, but we did have lots of rain! We got there on Wednesday, ate lunch, and then it rained all day long! We played games inside the trailer, but we all got a little stir crazy. Especially Owen. He had only started walking a week earlier and he wanted to move! Luckily, there was a break for dinner and Thursday was beautiful! We fished, canoed, had campfires, ate lots of fire roasted treats (smores, twinkies, banana boats, peeps, mallows), sang camp songs, and even performed some skits. The next day was pack up and go day.
We had a great time. Thanks again everyone for the fun!


We had a free night on July 5 with no play practice and Dave had his summer break, so we went camping at Payson Lakes. It was good time. Owen slept really good snuggled between me and Dave, but not me. I was awake too often making sure he was warm. It was quite cold! We had hot dogs for dinner, went down to the lake, fished a little, and had smores before bed. The next day we ate a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and grapes. Then we packed up and headed home. Owen was pretty good. He played in his pack and play and in the tent, but we still had to hold him quite a bit. It was still really fun. His first camping trip!

Dave took the kids fishing the next day and Aspen caught a fish. As you can tell, she didn't like to hold it. Not even on the stringer. She's "scary" of it.

July 4th

We spent the fourth up in Centerville with our families. We love all the fun stuff they have to do. We watched the fireworks on the 2nd from up on the hill by the Grants house. Aspen got scared. She is pretty much "scary" of everything. Funny girl. On Saturday, Dave got up early and went to help out with the parade. His parents were in charge of it. So me and the kids went to the parade with his sisters. After the parade we went to my parents house where we ate yummy German Pancakes! Then we went to the park so the kids could get a shave ice and jump on the bouncy toys. We had a cookout that evening with the Grants and let off some fireworks! It was a good time for Owen's first fourth of July~!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Preschool 2010-2011

I will be sending out my beginning of the year letters for preschool next week. I know there are a few people who I've talked to about preschool, but hadn't decided for sure. If you would like your child to be in my preschool this year, please let me know before next Wednesday! If there are not enough kids for 2 classes, then there will be 1 class held on Mon/Wed from 9-11:30am. The cost is $60 a month, but if that is an issue, please talk to me. One of the reasons I am doing this preschool is to help out my neighbors and friends. I know times are tough so please talk to me if you are interested but can't swing $60.

Thanks everyone! I am so excited for another year of preschool! I love teaching and seeing your children learn and grow!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dave's Day

June 20th was not only Father's Day, but Dave's birthday as well. We were going to have a party for him on Saturday, but stuff came up and we ended up cancelling. For his birthday, he got to take Connor to Instacare to get his broken arm x-rayed. Then we gave him some presents and cards. The kids gave him licorice and I gave him the Wii World Cup game. His life was all about the World Cup at this time! He also gets his yearly backpacking trip. We headed up to Centerville and ate dinner with my family and celebrated Dave and my sisters birthday and my Daddy. Then we headed to the Grants to celebrated Dave and his Dad again. I made him a groovy fish cake that I found off the internet. I thought it turned out pretty cute!It was a good day.

Dave, we love you so much. You are the greatest husband and father! We appreciate all you do for us. Thanks for being so awesome!

Aspen Lost a Tooth!

Aspen finally joined the Lost Tooth Club in June. It had been quite wiggly for a while and I kept asking her if she wanted me to pull it out. And her answer was always no. One day she came down stairs and said, "Mom, will you pull out my tooth?" So I grabbed a washcloth, squeezed the tooth, she moved her head slightly, and out it came! After the tooth came out and she saw it, she started crying! Not sure why still. The blood, seeing the tooth out, it hurt (I don't believe this was the case).... After a couple of minutes she calmed down and was really excited for the tooth fairy to come! She woke up the next morning with $2 in her tooth pillow.

My Lil' Bro!

My baby brother David just graduated from High School. We got to go to his last Madrigal concert and to his graduation. I can't believe my baby brother is this old! I'm very proud of you. I love you David!

He also got his mission call! He is going to San Salvador, El Salvador! He leaves Sept. 3. Congratulations Dude. You will be an awesome missionary.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Fun and Not so Fun

The kids started playing in the pool as soon as possible. They love to swim and they love to lay out in the sun! They are so funny. They have also been making forts in the living room and falling asleep in them too! We have had play practice quite a bit this summer too. The triplets and I are all in the play The Music Man. It is going on right now so we are tired a lot! But you should all come see it. The triplets are so fun. The kids have also had sleepovers at the Grandma's house twice! They didn't want to come home. Our neighbor took some beautiful family pictures for us. I'll have to post some of my favorites later. That has all been fun!
So for the not so fun. The night we took family pictures, poor Connor fell off a fence and broke his arm! So swimming has been out for him the past month. He does get it off on Monday though! Yay! And I'm going to take the kids swimming next week at least twice!