Monday, June 29, 2009

Really? Pregnancy is more than 30 weeks?

When I was pregnant with the triplets, they were born by this time! It's weird still being pregnant. It's also weird not being on bedrest. One baby is definitely easier than 3!

Here's a picture of me with the triplets when they were about 5 weeks old. They weighed almost 4 pounds each here.

Also, this baby is now a little bigger than Connor when he was born. Connor was the biggest of the triplets weighing in at 2lb. 11 oz. and 14in. long. This baby is now a little over 3 pounds and about 14.8 in. long. Wow! Here's a pic of Connor when he was just a few days old. Notice how he compares to Dave's hand.

Monday, June 22, 2009

All About Dave

Hiking up to the Grotto on his birthday.

Dave's 30th birthday was on the 20th and Father's Day was the next day, so here is a post dedicated to him. 30 things about my man:
1. Dave was a late talker. All he said was, "Eee" and then would point to things. His Grandma Grant thought he should get checked out. She thought he was "mentally challenged."
2. Dave walked before he crawled.
3. One time as a kid, Dave spent too long outside on his big wheel. He got such a bad sunburn that his eyes were swollen almost shut!
4. He has always been a happy person.
5. He lived in Magna until he was in 5th grade when he moved to Centerville.
6. He is the 2nd of 7 kids.
7. Because of his wonderful Dad, Dave LOVES anything outdoors. Camping, fishing, hiking, backpacking. You name it, he's done it all. And he's good at it too.
8. Last year, Dave's backpacking trip was to King's Peak. It is the highest point in Utah. Yes, he hiked it and ended up with some wicked blisters, but he loved it!
9. He has never broken a bone.
10. Dave had his first and only cavities (small ones) at the age of 22.
11. Dave likes to collect spoons just like little old ladies.
12. He plays piano wonderfully! Now we just need a piano!
13. He HATES haunted houses and movies that make him jump.
14. He is a packrat. He can't get ride of anything. This drives his wife crazy!
15. Dave is most definitely a computer nerd. Yes it's his job, which is great, but sometimes he programs at home for fun!
16. The smell of skunk doesn't bother him. In fact, when I say, "Ew.. skunk." and try to plug my nose, he inhales as deeply as he can. Weird.
17. He is a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy. Nothing fancy for him.
18. He does the dishes for me all the time.
19. Dave served a mission in Porto, Portugal. He is now teaching the kids some Portuguese. They love it.
20. Every 6 months, Dave has to go see the Dermatologist to get his moles checked. He has at least 1 removed every time.
21. Believe it or not, Dave is a shy guy when you first meet him. When you get to know him that's when his great personality comes through.
22. If you ever go to a movie with us, you'll notice that Dave laughs the loudest out of anyone else at the theater.
23. He likes to read.
24. He only snores when he is on his back. I wake him up and tell him to roll over.
25. He used to listen to and love classic rock. I'm glad he's out of that faze.
26. Everyone comments on how much Dave looks like Owen Wilson. Dave's hotter though. No broken nose.
27. He also looks like Shaggy with long hair.
28. He loves to play and watch soccer. Definitely his sport of choice. Although he loves all Sports.
29. Dave is the best husband ever. He is so good to me. He made me the happiest girl April 28, 2001.
30. Dave is also the best dad ever! His kids adore him. They want their Daddy to do things with them all the time. I have to fight for his attention!

We love you Dave. Thanks for being the wonderful person that you are!


I wonder if all of us girls started out this talkative? Ha ha. I laughed so hard at this video. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As most of you know, I can't have an epidural or spinal block due to the rods in my back. Therefore, this labor and delivery will be all natural! To help deal with the pain, I am taking a hypnobirthing class. I've talked to many people who have done this and it has helped them tremendously. I'm really excited to start! My first class is tonight. Hopefully I'll have a very quick, and easy labor and delivery. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Foiled Camping Trip

We were going to head up Hobble Creek Canyon and camp out on Friday night with one of our neighbors. The kids were so excited to go. Unfortunately, our neighbor's little boy got sick, so we postponed our campout. Instead of completely disappointing the kids, we decided to set up the tent in the backyard. So Dave and the kids slept outside and had a great time. There was not so much as a whimper from the kids about not going camping. I love that little things can please them and make them happy. Oh, to be 5 again.

Have you ever done this?

We used to do this all the time in our family. We would laugh so hard. We finally did it with the kids last week and it didn't disappoint. They were laughing like crazy. Dave did a fine job of inspiring those laughs as well.

If you have never tried this, you need to. Your kids will love it. So will you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Dave and I took an awesome trip with our great friends the Souths to Vegas a couple weekends ago. We had a great time. After the initial shock of cigarette smoke everywhere, I really enjoyed myself. We stayed at the Stratoshphere and even went to to the top where I felt really off balance. Amazing view though. We also went to the M&M world store and the Coke store. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe and the Paris Buffet. So good! Crepes are the best! We saw the lions in the MGM Hotel, saw the Mac King magic show, and saw the Blue Man Group! That was so cool! I also ate at In and Out Burger for the first time and we played pinball at the Pinball Museum. And of course, one of my favorite things, was seeing the fountains at the Bellagio. I wanted a chair to just sit and watch those all night. It was such a great weekend. Thanks for the trip Souths!

Dance Recital

The girls had their end of year recital in May. They did so good. It was so fun to watch them in their cute little costumes doing the dances. I was a proud mama. I think that next year we are going to look into new dance studios though. I want a more classical dance studio than the hip hop one they have been going to. We'll see. Anyway, here are some great pics of my girls and a clip of one of their dances.

In the video, Aspen is the blondie next to the short girl. And Brooke is right next to her.


Here are more updates from the Grants. First, Connor and Dave went on a Father/Son campout last month. They had a great time. While they were camping, us girls went out to eat and get ice cream, and then we watched Bedtime Stories and had a sleepover in the family room. It was so much fun. While we were at the ice cream store, Brooke said, "Mom, there are boys in here." I said, "yes." Then she said, "I thought all the boys were camping?" It was so funny.
And here I am at 25 weeks! I'm getting up there!
The kids love to play with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. One day, Brooke wiped her hands all over the ground and then wiped her hands all over her face. Here's the result:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Moon

I really can't wait until November. How awesome is this clip?