Monday, March 7, 2011

December Catch Up

We celebrated my 32nd birthday, watched the girlies at their dance recital, played in the massive snowfall that cancelled school, and had a great Christmas day. Such a fun month. It went by way too fast though!

November Catch up

Not a lot of pics from this month. We had the first snow and two Thanksgivivg dinners. Yum! It also got really cold! We put up our tree which was fun to do with a one year old! (Brooke took the pic of me when we were putting up the tree.)

October Catch Up

I am so behind! I nap now while Owen is asleep instead of doing other things. Growing a baby makes you tired. :) Anyway, here are a few Halloween pictures from Connor's school party (the girls missed theirs due to a tummy bug!), to Dave's work party, to finally trick or treating in the rain!