Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Disneyland Surprise!

Yep. We went to Disneyland again this year! We decided to do it because we were sick the last time, there was a great deal going on, and Dave got a raise. And because I can sweet talk Dave into anything. :) We went with the Hupps again which made it even more fun. The fun thing was that the triplets had no idea we were going until we were in the car heading out. And they didn't know the Hupps were going to be there until we saw them at the hotel! Great surprises for them. We spent a whole week there and had a great time.

Owen's 1!

Owen turned the big number 1 on September 11. We were going to have a big party for him, but I ended up being sick all week and even going to the hospital so we cancelled it. We had a little one though with a few friends. He got to open some presents and eat cake and that is the best part anyway. He was in the 45th percentile for height but less than the third for weight. He only gained about a pound between his 9 month and 12 month appointments. Bu we took him back today for a 15 month check up and he is 20 pounds now. He is finally taking a cup of milk. It was really hard to wean him. And so sad too. My heart broke every time he cried to nurse. He runs now and is even saying some words. He says "momma", "go", "no", "dada" (occasionally), "nana" (banana), and "Wow". He says wow when he sees the Christmas lights! It's adorable. He also pushes us, pulls us, and points to show us what he wants. He copies his big sisters and brother so much. The other day Aspen stomped her foot, and now Owen does it. He seriously does everything they do. He is such a cutie. Oh, and he likes to hit his siblings too. And scratch them. Poor triplets. He's made them cry more than once. In spite of that, we all still love and adore him. He is so fun.