Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Dance-Off is On!

So, we read how the McGhies have been taking some private dance lessons. Well, we've got some surprises of our own. I kind of hacked this video link in, we'll see how long it works. It's on!

where is this going to go?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Twilight News

Since Connor is sick today and I've read all three Twilight books twice, I decided to get online and see if there was anything new on the author's website! Sure enough, there was! All the characters in the Cullen family have now been cast for the movie. Here are pictures of them.
L to R: Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Edward, Carlisle, Alice, and Jasper.
I think that they all are pretty perfect. The only exception being that Emmett is supposed to have curly hair. Maybe he will for the movie. The movie comes out Dec. 12!

Also, book 4, Breaking Dawn, is the final book of the series! It will be released on Aug. 2! I actually pre-ordered it today on Amazon for quite a cheap price!

Would you say I loved this story or what?

I've been tagged!

A: The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B: Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C: At the end of the post, the player then tags 2 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

I was in my second semester of my freshman year of college at BYU. I was having a very hard semester dealing with homesickness. My favorite class at the time was Astrology. I even went up Squaw Peak with a boy. (To look at the stars for class, not to make out!) It wasn't until the end of this semester that I met my true love- Dave. After I met him and we started dating, the homesickness was gone and I didn't want to go home!

1. Take care of Connor who has strep.
2. Work on my blog!
3. Make copies for preschool.
4. Make dinner.
5. Go to New Beginnings tonight.

1. Pay off all of our debts. Including the house.
2. Set up college funds for all the kids.
3. Buy a new car for my mom and for Dave.
4. Buy some new clothes. (Hey, what do you expect? I'm a mom of 3!)
5. Save and invest the rest!

1. Teacher
2. Office Clerk at the BYU bookstore
3. Janitor
4. Waitress
5. DJ for Z92 in Woodward

(This is hard. I think you all know quite a bit about me.)
1. I kissed a LOT of boys before I settled down with Dave.
2. After Dave and I were married, I cleaned the Provo temple.
3. I LOVE country music. It's my favorite.
4. I love to go country dancing.
5. I have 6 fake teeth!

I tag....Tynelle and Rebecca!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Karen News

Here is my latest news:

*I finally went and got my hair done. I got it highlighted, trimmed, and bangs cut. This was my Valentines present. I love the way it turned out. Dave's cousin Julie does a great job. I wish that I could afford to get it done every 2 months. I'll just have to stick to every 6 for now though.

*Aspen is taking much longer than expected to get totally potty trained. I have to do laundry every other day due to her frequent accidents. Someone please say that this will get easier and that she will stop having accidents every day more than once? I don't know when I'll start on Connor yet. I'm not ready to do that much laundry and clean up that much human waste!

*I am officially a substitute now in Nebo School District! I need to substitute to get licensure points to keep my teaching license current. I am really excited to do this! Preschool has helped me to not miss teaching so much, but it's different being in a school rather than at my own home. I am so excited to sub. My first job will be this Thursday for a teacher that I taught with at Wilson.

Funny Pictures

Here are just a couple of funny pictures. The first one is Brooke AFTER eating cinnamon toast. She cracks me up. The second one is from preschool. This is my M/W class doing my favorite pose from the purple people. ( These are bodies , cut from purple construction paper, that are doing different actions. The kids have to see if they can pose the same way. I hope that made sense to all of you.)

Valentines Day

For Valentines day, we had parties in preschool. The kids loved making Valentines and giving them to their friends. They also liked going through their own sacks! It was a fun first for them. We played Bingo, frosted sugar cookies, and I painted their faces. This is a picture of my kids and Kendall Obert with Valentine hearts on their faces. (Don't you love Connor's adorable smile?)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Perfect? I think not!

This is a picture of our hallway in front of the bathroom. As you can tell, the carpet is pulled up and a huge utility fan is blowing on it. Yep, our carpet got flooded. How did this happen you may ask? Three words: Aspen, Connor, and Brooke! No, my kids are NOT perfect as some people think. I told them repeatedly on Sunday and Monday to not put water into their pretend dishes. I even put them in the naughty corner a couple of times on Monday for disobeying me. While I was putting away groceries, doing dishes, and preparing dinner, I asked the kids to go up and clean their rooms for when Daddy got home. I went up to check on them about 30 minutes later. I found all three kids wet and playing in the sink with dishes. There was water everywhere!!! Especially in front of the bathroom! We soaked through 8 towels in no time!!! I have no idea what they were doing to make such a horrible water mess! They got their first real spanking and got their dishes taken away!! What a night! Oh, I'm tired just thinking about it!


I'm very excited about a couple of things today! Here they are:

1. Aspen is potty trained!!!!! We started last Thursday and the first two hours were horrible!! I almost gave up! But she's doing really well now. With number 1 anyway. Number 2, not so good. I think I would rather change a poopy diaper than poopy underwear. Hopefully that will come soon. It is so GREAT to change one less bum every day! In a month, I will start with Connor.

2. I finished the third Twilight book, and I loved it too. I can't wait until the fall when the fourth book comes out. And then I can't wait until Dec. 12 when I get to see the movie. It will be great! I'm hooked on these books. They are a great escape. And who doesn't want to run away with Edward?