Monday, August 16, 2010

Grant Family Camping

The first week of August we went camping with the Grant family. I was there this year with Owen, no one got a fish hook in their eye, but we did have lots of rain! We got there on Wednesday, ate lunch, and then it rained all day long! We played games inside the trailer, but we all got a little stir crazy. Especially Owen. He had only started walking a week earlier and he wanted to move! Luckily, there was a break for dinner and Thursday was beautiful! We fished, canoed, had campfires, ate lots of fire roasted treats (smores, twinkies, banana boats, peeps, mallows), sang camp songs, and even performed some skits. The next day was pack up and go day.
We had a great time. Thanks again everyone for the fun!


We had a free night on July 5 with no play practice and Dave had his summer break, so we went camping at Payson Lakes. It was good time. Owen slept really good snuggled between me and Dave, but not me. I was awake too often making sure he was warm. It was quite cold! We had hot dogs for dinner, went down to the lake, fished a little, and had smores before bed. The next day we ate a yummy breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and grapes. Then we packed up and headed home. Owen was pretty good. He played in his pack and play and in the tent, but we still had to hold him quite a bit. It was still really fun. His first camping trip!

Dave took the kids fishing the next day and Aspen caught a fish. As you can tell, she didn't like to hold it. Not even on the stringer. She's "scary" of it.

July 4th

We spent the fourth up in Centerville with our families. We love all the fun stuff they have to do. We watched the fireworks on the 2nd from up on the hill by the Grants house. Aspen got scared. She is pretty much "scary" of everything. Funny girl. On Saturday, Dave got up early and went to help out with the parade. His parents were in charge of it. So me and the kids went to the parade with his sisters. After the parade we went to my parents house where we ate yummy German Pancakes! Then we went to the park so the kids could get a shave ice and jump on the bouncy toys. We had a cookout that evening with the Grants and let off some fireworks! It was a good time for Owen's first fourth of July~!