Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Room

We have lived in this house for 5 1/2 years now and our room is basically the last one to get done. As my mother in law calls it, our room is the "shipping and receiving" of our home. When something doesn't have a place or kids don't know where something goes, it ends up in our room. Our room is a collection of hand me down or DI furniture (except for the bed) and it just wasn't a nice relaxing place to unwind. So, I finally did something about it. Ever since we moved in, we knew we wanted our room to have a tropical feel. We bought these nice bamboo blinds and that was as far as we got. The only 2 channels that I watch are DIY and HGTV so I have gotten lots of ideas. I started off with a fabric that I loved and made a pillow for my bed. From that we got the wall color. I had wanted a very light yellow, but ended up going with "Arizona Tan" which is more golden. But I love it! It really makes the pillow pop. Then we added some nightstands, lamps, and the tin decorations I found at Confetti. And now at least one of our walls looks great. We still need a headboard, and lots of decorations on the walls, and I am going to refinish a beautiful but old vanity. It will be great!I am also debating whether to make some window panels out of the same fabric as the pillow. But that fabric was super expensive and I would need a lot. We are so excited to finally walk into a nice relaxing room.


Mariah said...

very nice and I really like the yellow :) Ikea has some good curtains (I got some linen like fabric curtains-I had 110 inches in length each needed for my curtains)If you wanted something less expensive. Oh man one day my room will be done too-you've inspired me again!

Kristin said...

Oh Karen I love it! You little crafter you! It looks so great!